LoL Wild Rift Best Jungle Champs 2022

Wild Rift Best Jungle Champions for beginners to Dominate

If you’re looking to dominate the Wild Rift, these wild rift best jungle champions will help you do just that.

Wild Rift Best Jungle Wild Rift Best Jungle

When picking your champion, continue to take into consideration the new additions, updates to abilities and reworked items. This tier list can help you decide the wild rift best jungler to use in different circumstances as of the 3.3 patch.

1) Shyvana (S+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

If you’re in the jungle, your best bet at the moment is Shyvana. Her latest rework has her ruling over the map, especially if you take Conqueror, Pathfinder, Triumph and Hunter Titan for survivability. A build including Trinity Force, Blade of the Ruined King and Death’s Dance will deal consistent damage, and the Glorious Enchant will top off this bruiser. Always max Flame Breath first and start the Brambleback for the easiest jungle clear.Shyvana is also the wild rift best jungle and broken in patch 3.3.


2) Olaf (S+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Olaf is a great attack damage jungler, particularly with black cleaver, sterak’s gage and death’s dance. To ensure his survival in team fights, consider building guardian angel, spirit visage and the glorious enchant. If you’re up against an evelynn, it’s going to be tough, as she has the highest jungle win rate of the current 40 champions, and she counters Olaf hard.


3) Evelyn (S tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Predator and ghost. Previous jungle leader Evelynn is still incredibly strong due to her agility and high damage output. By building her with a combination of ability power and attack speed, similar to how you would in the PC game, she is easily one of the strongest champions for the role. Her weak spots are when she’s matched against Gragas, Rammus or Xin Zhao, as they can easily tank her burst damage while locking her down with crowd control. Evelynn has the highest win-rate when she takes electrocute, brutal, Predator and ghost as her keystones.


4) Wukong (S+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

If you’re looking for a well-rounded addition to your team, Wukong is a great choice. He’s very strong when playing alone and in the jungle. When you build him up with Divine Sunderer, Black Cleaver and Death’s Dance, his attack damage will be able to take down squishy champions easily. Plus, his ability to Haste means you can keep using his dashes to chase down more mobile enemies.


5) Vi (S tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

This jungler is a little beefier, able to take more punishment and dish out more damage over time, especially if you build her with a Trinity Force and Death’s Dance. Always take Conqueror runes, as well as Brutal, Mastermind, and Hunter Titan for survival in this role. Vi does best against an AD marksman with this armour and attack speed build, but has a tough time when she’s up against Pantheon, Xin Zhao or Jax. Thornmail or Guardian Angel can give her the edge she needs in those cases.


6) Grages (A+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Gragas is an excellent choice, especially for his high amount of damage and ability power. He can also control crowds very well. If you build him with Rod of Ages, Infinity Orb, and Rabadon’s Deathcap, Gragas becomes a very powerful initiation machine, able to take opponents by surprise from the jungle and even pick off weaker opponents by himself. Electrocute, Weakness, Hunger Titan, and Mastermind all work well on him. If you come up against him, good picks include Xin Zhao, Kha’zix and Jarvan IV.


7) Khazix (S+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Kha’zix has the second highest win-rate in the jungle. He’s an attack damage assassin who can delete a squishy opponent before they know what’s happening. The best items on him include the Duskblade of Draktharr, Black Cleaver and Youmuu’s Ghostblade, as well as the Quicksilver Enchant. The best way to counter his explosive damage is with crowd control and armor, specifically on champions like Rammus, Amumu or Jarvan IV. Electrocute is also a good addition to Kha’zix’s kit.


8) Lee Sin (S+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

The next best pick after Sett is Lee Sin, who does best with the Conqueror rune, along with Brutal, Hunter Titan, and Mastermind. He benefits most from lots of attack damage and some magic resist, making Sterak’s Gage, Black Cleaver, Death’s Dance, and Spirit Visage all great choices to add to his kit. A Stasis enchant is very helpful when you’re all in and waiting for teammates to back you up.


9) Xin Zhao (S tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Xin Zhao is a great pick for those looking to gank a lot. With conqueror and pathfinder runes, it’s much easier and more rewarding to help out your laning teammates. Build black cleaver, divine sunderer, and guardian angel to stay in team fights for longer while dealing sustained attack damage. His presence is best felt early game, so try to get your team ahead when you’re at your strongest, and be wary of an enemy Kha’Zix which can counter you heavily right from the start.


10) Irelia (S tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Irelia is an amazing jungler because of her potential to win 1v1 fights. You should play to her strengths by building attack speed items like Blade of the Ruined King and Wit’s End, and taking the Statis and Nullifying Orb runes to survive longer during team fights. Irelia’s presence in a lane is enough to distract the enemy team, and she will quickly push to their nexus.


11) Morgana (S tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

Morgana has seen a surge in popularity in the jungle role on Wild Rift recently, which may come as a surprise to some. Her ability to completely shut down an enemy lane with her ultimate, Soul Shackles, as well as the high burst damage she brings with her, makes her an excellent choice for ganking. She also clears the jungle fairly well with her W, Tormented Shadow, which deals extra damage to monsters.

Her build focuses on items that provide jungler support, such as luden’s echo, rylai’s crystal scepter, liandry’s torment, and the statis enchant for her ultimate. However, champions with high burst damage, such as kha’zix, can take her down quickly, and tanky champions such as rammus can survive her ability power burst.


12) Master Yi (B+ tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

There are plenty of differences between Summoner’s Rift and Wild Rift, but something that hasn’t changed is that the only build path for Master Yi is attack speed and damage, and lots of it. You should start out with a Blade of the Ruined King, Statikk Shiv, and eventually an Infinity Edge with the Quicksilver enchant. He will also benefit from the same runes as Lee Sin. To counter a Master Yi on the Wild Rift, you need a speedy jungler with crowd control, such as Rammus, or a jump, like Jax or Kha’zix.


13) Rengar (A tier 3.3)

Wild Rift Best Jungle

The ultimate Jungle hunter, Rengar becomes an invisible, pouncing menace once he reaches level five. Make sure to max out his Q, Savagery, first as it’s an auto-attack reset which works well with an Attack Damage build.

Buying items such as Youmuu’s Ghostblade gives a speed boost too, as well as Duskblade of Draktharr which provides a bonus damage if you go unseen for one second, which is pretty easy as Rengar.