New Wild Rift champion Samira : Abilities, Build, Runes, and more

New Wild Rift champion Samira

New wild rift champion Samira release of Patch 3.3b for Wild Rift has players eager to learn more about the new Marksman champion Samira. This guide covers everything you need to know about her, from skills and lore to the best builds for her.

Samira is a marksman hyper carry who was initially teased in the wild rift patch 3.3 preview. Her playstyle prioritizes bursting down the entire enemy team, which is similar to how katarina plays. This makes her incredible at destroying squishy, less experienced players. Learn more about Samira in Wild Rift, including her lore, abilities, and the best builds.

Samira in Wild Rift ?

The woman known as Samira, sometimes called the desert rose, was originally a street performer as a child. However, her life changed quickly when her village was raided by armed strangers. These villains murdered innocent bystanders, and all Samira could do was hide away from them.

She was changed by the experience and it characterized her whole adult life. She wasn’t angry at strangers but frustrated at herself for being too scared to change anything. She vowed from that moment on to never let fear stop her.

At first, Samira showed her courage by doing daring stunts. Later, she joined the Noxian warband to help support her family. Her natural physical ability, combined with her intense focus, made her a very skilled warrior.

Samira Abilities and Guide in Wild Rift

If you’re familiar with Samira from League of Legends, her playstyle and abilities probably won’t surprise you. The following descriptions are from the PC version, and will probably stay the same for the Wild Rift version.

Passive — Daredevil Impulse: Samira chains non-repeating abilities, from ranks “E” to “S.” Each increase bonus movement speed, She can also hit enemies with bullets or sword, allowing both range and melee basic attacks. Samira juggles enemies speed impaired airborne enemies, extending the CC duration.
1 — Flair: Samira fires a shot from her gun. If enemies are close, she slashes with her sword instead.
2 — Blade Whirl: Samira slashes the air, creating a circle which deals damage and projectile attacks.
3 — Wild Rush: Samira dashes through enemy, dealing magic damage and gaining attack speed. Takedowns reset Wild Rush’s cooldown.
Ultimate (4) — Inferno Trigger: Samira unleashes a torrent of shots, attacking all nearby enemies 10 times over a duration. Each shot deals strike and can lifesteal. She can only cast her ultimate when her passive is at rank S.

Samira Builds in Wild Rift

To maximize Samira’s potential, players need to build items with life steal. This is because her ultimate provides life steal as well, making her difficult to kill. Therefore, the best item to rush on Samira is Blood Thirster, as it also grants crit.

If you’re ahead, buy an Infinity Edge. If you’re not, start building the boot enchantment. For boot enchantments, there are actually various options. As a base, we recommend quicksilver, since it’ll provide the cc immunity to continue stacking Samira’s passive. Another great option is stasis. Take the omnivamp boots for maximum offensive engage, or opt for the armor or magic resist if playing more from behind.

You have some flexibility with the rest of your item build, depending on who you are playing against.

New Wild Rift champion Samira 

Samira Runes in Wild Rift

For runes, take Conqueror to stack abilities since Samira loves to do that anyways. This ensures maximum damage and omni-vamp during those signature massive team plays. Then take Hunter Vampirism to capitalize on Samira’s innate synergy with life steal.

For the Resolve Rune, take Nullifying Orb, because it will help Samira stay alive when she is at low health. For the last tree, you can either take Sweet Tooth or Hunter Genius.