Watch Arcane: S1 E1 “Welcome to the Playground” Watch Online

Watch Arcane: S1 E1 “Welcome to the Playground” Watch Online


Arcane is a Netflix animated series based on the game ‘League of Legends’. It is created by a French Animation Studio, released on November 6’ 2021. The unique animation design is a combination of a hand-sketching and CGI animation which was eccentric enough to gain applaud from the fans and immediate recognition from reviewers. The appraisals don’t end just here, the unique sound design is something to be complimented as it captivated your attention as an audience and keeps you glued to the screen Watch Arcane: S1 E1 “Welcome to the Playground”.



The story of Arcane take place in the same universe as League of Legends and is catalogued as a prequel to the game itself. It explains the origin of many different characters taking place in twin cities of the underdeveloped Zaun and the technologically rich and advanced Piltover. It follows the story of two orphaned sisters Vi and Powder taken in by leader of an uprising and a barkeeper Vander, along with other orphaned children including Mylo, Claggor, and Ekko.

The episode starts with a flashback of Vander rescuing Vi and Powder, followed by the present-day narrative of Vi and Powder sneaking into the apartment of a researcher in the forbidden city of Piltover, along with Mylo and Claggor. With the intent of stealing valuable tech items the find Magic Arcane crystals causing a massive explosion causing huge damage which becomes the reason of formidable apprehension between the two towns. The gang on their way fights some random thugs but not yet known to Vi and Vander the thugs were working for a criminal name Silco who’s after them. Silco is looking for ways to start another revolution against Piltover by creating a new form of drug which transforms people into ferocious creatures.

The episode ends with an interesting outlook of Silco experimenting on a rat and is preparing to use it on a human subject next. Which make the audience curiously wonder what will happen in the next episode. But one can only find out by watching the next one. The plot only gets more fascinating from here…